PRICE! We will calculate the out-the-door price for you prior to scheduling an appointment. You are only agreeing to this price if you decide to complete the purchase once you are here, you are not committing to buy. This is so you know how much to bring and what the total cost is with no surprises; how much you like the vehicle won’t change the price. For some reason people get upset about this; we are trying to save everyone time.


HOURS! We work by appointment only, no walk-ins, Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays.) We don’t schedule by email, call or text (fastest) 818-659-2439 please.


FINANCING! If you are not able to pay in full in cash, we require a pre-approval. If you are using your own lender, we need a pre-approval in writing. To use our lenders, apply on our website prior to an appointment. (Please make sure to include what vehicle you are inquiring about.)


PREVIEW! If you would like to view the vehicle before applying, you can schedule an appointment to see it, however pre-approved and cash appointments will take priority, and you will need to make a 2nd trip to complete the purchase after applying online.


DOWNPAYMENT! This is determined by the lender. You will need to submit a credit application to find out how much you need to put down. We do not do in-house financing.


PAYMENT! We accept cash and cashiers checks. Credit or debit cards are OK with a 4% processing fee added. Debit cards are not cash!


AVAILABILITY! If it’s on our website, it is still available. We keep some vehicles in storage, but they are available.


INSPECTIONS! A pre-purchase inspection is OK with a licensed mechanic in a 5 mile radius of our location. With an agreed on price or for financing, before the inspection.

WARRANTY! Our vehicles are sold AS-IS. We have options for extended service contracts on most vehicles for an additional cost.